Doing Well by Doing Good

Business organizations that already have a successful online presence may wonder why it is virtually important to have an online presence in spite of the current successes they have been enjoying. So let’s see how your business as well can be doing well by doing good.

Business blogs are a crucial tool for ensuring that the successes they currently enjoy can be maintained and the current customer base will continue to expand and grow.

A blog can be a meaningful addition to an already successful website and add value that would not be possible without the use of a business blog. Here are three top reasons why a business blog is crucial in today’s online enterprise. Take advantage of these tips to lead your business to a Happy 2019!

Real person personality-Websites that have a real person obviously behind them will stand out in comparison to the other sites that are static.

Easy updates about your business-People want the latest information, especially about events, new products, new services, or funny things like quizzes or tests. So another key to a great connection with your visitors is done by posting relevant and fresh information often.

Optimization-If you analyze your website traffic you will notice that at least 40% of visitors come from search engines. People who are looking for specific products and services will use the search engines to seek what they need; your blog can provide answers and introduce many people to your products and services. It’s all about your entrepreneurial DNA. That’s what will make succeed or fail, don’t you think?

Business blogs are fast becoming an indispensable part of online entrepreneurship and a concept embraced by many large organizations such as Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. If these internet giants with such well-established names are using business blogs as part of their business strategy, shouldn’t you be considering this as well? You, as a startup, are able to create significant change for sustainable business growth.

To fully embrace and leverage the power of social media engagement, a company blog is crucial. Your business gains the ability to communicate company ethos, goals, new products and services, and events by giving details in a blog and then spreading the word via social networks. It increases the conversation and engagement and gives your fans and followers details to sink their teeth into instead of just a blurb in the form of a status update or tweet.

The blog needs to be integrated with social media and there’s definitely a need to send teaser tweets about sales and services or news or to run a contest on Facebook to reach customers. However, cautious, well-informed, potential clients, who make well-researched decisions and often are among the most loyal of customers, like in the Pacific Northwest, want more depth; a company blog serves that need.

The 6 Reasons a Company Blog is Important

  1. Gives in-depth details about events, activities, programs, and opportunities – more than what can feasibly be placed on a static page which can sometimes overwhelm visitors.
  2. Potential customers will already be familiar with your brand, company, products, and services and will be more likely to give you a try because they already feel a connection to your brand.
  3. Show customers that you care about their feedback and want to engage with them before they give over their hard-earned money.
  4. Foster goodwill and cultivate a positive online reputation which may prevent you from problems and dilemmas so many startups face.
  5. Establish a reputation as an expert in the industry. Become a trusted and reliable source.
  6. Control your online reputation. If you don’t tell your story, someone else will – via their own blog or localized news sources (think Patch, Examiner, and Yahoo! Contributor Network)