Pass GED Math Fast with the Onsego Calculator Course

Some time ago, I wrote a post about the GED prep course designed by Onsego. This is the perfect course for students looking for an online GED® prep course that doesn’t tell them in what order they should go over all the study material.

But there’s more to the Onsego program that I probably didn’t highlight enough. In the Advantage Plan, you not only get four GED Ready® practice tests for free (a $28 value), but you’ll also get Onsego’s GED Calculator course at no extra charge! It’s all included in the Advantage Plan which costs only $79.

So you’ll get a full GED prep course that covers everything that’s found on the current GED test, but additionally, you’ll get a motivational course, a quitting protection plan, four GED Ready tests, and a GED Calculator course, all included in the price.

The Onsego online GED prep course is recognized by GED Testing Service as one of only 20 programs to be entirely aligned to the latest edition of the computer-based GED exam.

GED Math is challenging

For most GED hopefuls, Math is the most challenging of the four GED sub-exams. So many students reach sufficient results on the other three sub-exams but give up going after their GED when they fail the math section time and again and realize math poses such high obstacles.

Well, here is the solution. Onsego developed a great and easy-to-understand course that teaches you how to attain a passing score on the GED Math subtest without understanding a lot about Math in the first place.

Sure, you’ll need to have some basic knowledge of math concepts, but the only permitted scientific calculator on the GED exam, the TI-30XS, will do all the more complex things for you. You just need to learn how to work with the machine efficiently.

Isn’t that something? Without knowing much about how to solve math problems, you still can attain a passing score on the most difficult GED sub-exam. The Texas Instruments TI-30XS is the only calculator that you are allowed on the GED test.

You can not only use the calculator during the second part of the GED Math test but also during the Science and Social Studies portions.

Two versions of the TI-30XS

When you sit for the GED test at one of your state’s test centers, you may bring your own hand-held TI-30XS calculator. The GED test is computer-based, and you can find an embedded, onscreen version of the TI-30XS that works in exactly the same way as the hand-held device.

So it doesn’t matter whether you use your physical calculator or the on-screen one. Both have the same functions and work exactly the same. You just need to learn how to work with it correctly and efficiently. That’s all it takes to pass GED Math!

So Onsego’s new GED Calculator course helps you pass the GED Math subtest without learning math. Amazing, isn’t it? Instead of learning all sorts of complicated Math concepts, you learn to master the calculator to reach a passing score on the GED Math sub-exam.

What will you learn?

The Onsego Calculator course will teach you about the basic, advanced, and more functions of the TI-30XS.

You will learn which calculator functions you need to know to solve a given problem and how to apply what you’ve learned about the calculator’s functions to perform mathematical calculations.

What’s included?

Onsego’s Math Calculator Course comes with 7 modules that include lessons covering all aspects of utilizing the TI-30XS scientific calculator efficiently.

The Calculator Course demonstrates how to solve many complicated math problems by just using the TI-30XS in the correct way. This powerful little calculating machine does it all for you.

From adding and subtraction to multiplying and division, and from fractions and proportions to advanced equations and inequalities, the TI-30XS will do it all for you if only you know how to handle the machine in the correct way and order.

All lessons include a video and a short quiz, and there’s also a transcript for you, so read it all over again if you wish. After each module, there’s a more comprehensive practice test to check whether you have understood what’s covered, and there are also explanations to help you understand the subject matter better.


The Onsego TI-30XS course is a unique course that you really should have if Math poses obstacles for you to earn your GED! It is the only course on the market that helps you pass the GED Math portion without fully understanding complicated math topics and problems.