Onsego Review- Perfect for Self-Study

When I started out getting ready for the GED test, I was pretty horrible in Math and, to be honest, in the other subject fields as well. I had not been in school for quite a while, and getting back to studying was kind of strange and hard for me.

But then I read about Onsego on Mycareertools.com. Because published some lessons on gedeno.com, I checked them out, and I liked them. So, I got myself a 6-month plan.

The Onsego course really proved to be a great help for improving my skills. The course contains so many practice tests, but you need to be self-disciplined.

When you sign up for the Onsego course and start studying, you can quite easily track your performance as you proceed.

The course includes numerous video lessons that come with transcripts, so you can read them over and over again if you want. The lessons are followed by test questions and explanations. The lessons are fortunately not too long, so they don’t get boring.

The test questions help a lot when you’re reviewing the lessons and applying strategies that are also highlighted in the Onsego GED® prep course.

Usually, I watched 3 or 4 video lessons each day, and then later, on weekends, I took some practice exams and worked on topics that caused me some problems.

When learning with the Onsego course, I started pretty quickly to understand concepts such as geometry and equations and inequalities that caused me so much struggle before I started learning with the Onsego GED course.

The entire Onsego GED prep course is pretty well spread out. It covers all key GED testing topics without being overwhelming.

There’s no long-winded explanation of complicated math formulas or solutions, no crazy dilly-dallying on grammar rules. They just teach you simple, clear, simple, and highly effective methods and strategies to pass the GED test.

And isn’t that what most test-takers want? The many test-taking tips that you get throughout the course were very useful as well. They really helped me gain confidence and approach the GED exam with a totally different mindset which made studying more manageable and much easier.

I was learning with Onsego generally on my phone. The course can be followed on any device and wherever you want. I can learn on the subway through the website. Ain’t that something? I still have to take the four GED subtests, but when I take a practice test, my results have improved enormously!

Let me tell you what I think are the best advantages of learning with Onsego:

The math lessons are very good, and there’s also a GED Calculator course
They provide excellent and many practice questions
Their customer support is very responsive
The price is absolutely reasonable

My Final Thoughts. I’ve been studying for my GED test now for five months, and I’m really grateful for what the course has meant for me. I’ve learned some great test-taking strategies and tactics through this fine Onsego course, and I’m sure it won’t be long before I earn my GED! This is an excellent course for students looking for structured support and systematic learning. If you feel that applies to you, give it a try. This is a perfect course for self-study!