Tips for Career Change – the YOU Factor

These tips for a career change are all about YOU – because all changes in life require adjustments on your part.

ABOUT YOURSELF:  How old are you?

Tip 1: Your age does not matter. It is your ambition, determination, and drive that matters.


Tip 2: Starting a new career requires lots of effort on your part. If you’re weak and often sick you may not have the stamina to start one. Your ability to concentrate and focus on ideas to develop into a business may be compromised. The basics of good health are to watch your diet, get enough sleep and exercise regularly.


Tip 3: Look back at your past. Did you finish your high school education? Your university education? Did you excel in any sports? Were you given new assignments or responsibilities in your job because you were good at what you did? Did you get any promotions, pay rises and bonuses due to job excellence? Do you have a happy marriage and family?


Tip 4: Your failures are those questions in Tip 3 above which you answered ‘no’.

More tips for career change…

ABOUT YOUR JOB: How long have you been working at your current job?

Tip 5: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in your current job. What matters is whether you have ‘enough’ Assets and Skillset to start your parallel career while still working.

How many jobs have you changed in your working life?

Tip 6: Again it doesn’t matter…it’s your ‘accumulated’ and current Assets and Skillset that matters.

Are you in the ‘good books’ of your boss/bosses?

Tip 7: It helps if you’re in your boss’ good books. You will not be monitored by him/her so closely. He/she likes you and will give you more freedom in your work. These ‘benefits’ will make it easier when starting a parallel career. Also, you’ll never know when you may need your boss’ help even after you’ve quit your job.

Not getting along with your boss may also be the main reason for you to start a parallel career.

Are ambitious co-workers back-stabbing you?

Tip 8: Instead of spending your time and energy deflecting their attacks and ‘playing’ company politics, use these resources productively to develop a parallel career.

Just been/going to be promoted?

Tip 9: You’re at a high point in your career. Use this to your advantage because you’ll need all your Assets and Skillset to start your parallel career.

Are you losing interest in your job because it’s no longer challenging?

Tip 10: Losing interest in a job is the fastest way to lose the job! Your lackadaisical attitude will affect your job performance. Don’t delay any longer. Start a parallel career while you still have a job. Among the tips for a career change, this is the most important.


About Your Family

Is your spouse supportive of what you do?

Tip 11: Before starting a parallel career you must discuss your current frustrations and worries, your goals and ambition, and your dreams and plans with your spouse. Make him/her understand that your success is his/her success and that you’re doing everything for ‘us’ and not just for yourself.

How old are your children?

Tip 12: Your time commitment to your family depends on your children’s age. Little babies usually take up a large chunk of both parent’s time. But at every age after that lots of parental time is still required. There’ll never be the perfect or right time to start a parallel career. But…you’ll just have to do it.

About Your Financial Situation

Do you have enough savings to support you (and your dependents) for at least 12 months of zero income?

Tip 13: If you don’t…there’s more reason for you to start your parallel career while you still have a job. If you have enough, don’t be complacent! Don’t wait until you lose your job OR when you’re sixty years old and then regret. This would be among the most important of the tips for a career change.

Is your spouse working

Tip 14: If he/she is not…you are dependent on a single source of income to pay all the bills. What happens if the sole income source is lost? Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start a parallel career while you are still employed.

Last of the tips for a career change. …

About Your Plan

Do you have a clear idea and plan for what you’re going to do if you quit your job in 6 month’s time?

Tip 15: If you don’t…you better have one. Don’t bask in a false sense of security just because you have an existing JOB!

You have seen that all the above tips for career change point to YOU – yourself, your job, your family, your financial situation and your plan. Are you ready to change career the parallel career way?