Are Job Headhunters Looking for You?

You’ll be very excited when job headhunters call you for a job interview IF getting a ‘better’ job is your goal. After going through a series of questions and tests and often more interviews, you’ll feel even better (maybe even ecstatic..) when you are finally selected from amongst one thousand other candidates! So who knows… Are job headhunters looking for you?

You Must Be Very Good…

You must be very good at what you do if job headhunters look for you. You must have very special qualities (qualifications, experience, achievements, skillsets) that caught the attention of job headhunters from among the thousands of others in their databases, says Maria from

Behind the scene, there’s an organization that is willing to pay these job headhunters a month’s salary (or more) to hunt the ideal candidate for a particular position. Often, the organization also pays the travel and accommodation bills for the handful of headhunted candidates.

Imagine…others are willing to invest so much because they believe that finding the right person for a particular job is so important. If you’re that person, you owe it to yourself to invest in yourself instead of investing in others.

Don’t be too eager and willing to work for someone else. You are a rare breed because perhaps only one in fifty employees ever get job head hunted throughout their career. Break loose from the working-for-a-wage vicious cycle. Change career the parallel career way instead…start a parallel career.

Studies show that only less than one-third of all students will actually work in the profession that they were trained for in college. Check out the following video that addresses the reason for this. The video is a TEDxUTM video in which Fang Kai Low talks about his work in Headhunting and how to find your true calling:

You Have Unrecognized and Undiscovered Strengths

If you have never been sought by job headhunters throughout your working life, it does not mean that you’re not good at your job. It just means that you have not been recognized or discovered and, of course, you need to learn that being kind in the corporate world can be a challenge! It does not mean that you do not have the strengths, qualities, and qualifications. Look at your Assets and Skillset; and Passion, Talent, and Mission for ideas and opportunities to start a parallel career.

Qualities for Success – Almost What Job Headhunters are Looking For…

Starting a parallel career is entirely YOUR decision so let’s hope you’re in control of yourself. You’re not in the job market for another ‘better’ job. So job headhunters won’t be helping you here.

You’ll need certain qualities to want to start and succeed in a parallel career. We’ve compiled a list of Qualities for Success and grouped this list into 4 categories:

1. Entrepreneurship

  • · Able to see opportunities that others fail to see
  • · Able to monetize ideas
  • · Willing to take calculated risks
  • · Burning desire to be own boss
  • · Decisive and generally make good decisions

2. Social Skills

  • · Able to sell ideas, products, etc.
  • · Willing to learn from others
  • · Not proud/ashamed to admit mistakes

3. Attitude

  • · Not distracted by criticism
  • · Not looking for immediate gratification
  • · Do not give up easily, also when you’re burnt out of your job
  • · Stick with something even if faced with a problem or difficult situation
  • · Always want to win or be the best
  • · Confident and optimistic about succeeding

4. Work Ethic

  • · Always willing to go the extra mile
  • · Creative and always looking for new ways of doing things and studying
  • · Able to set long-term goals
  • · Hardworking but always work smart