I finally figured out why I am so Burnt Out Of My Job!!

I got it! I finally figured out why I am so burnt out of my job!!
When I got into recruiting, my mission was small. Make the candidates happy by finding them their dream job. It was so simple and so beautiful. I had a great work partner and the two of us were the true dream team.

I think I got greedy because one day, it just wasn’t enough anymore. I wanted bigger. I wanted better. I wanted more excitement. So I moved over into the corporate world. And then things got hella complicated.

You see, I still make the candidates happy. I still help them get a really cool job at a really cool company, but in the corporate world, it’s so much more complicated. Not only do I have to make sure the candidate is happy. I have to please the following:

  • My lead
  • My manager
  • My manager’s manager
  • The hiring manager
  • The hiring manager’s manager
  • The hiring manager’s manager’s manager
  • HR

Do you realize how impossible it is to make everyone happy? If you do, please send me your address and make up your couch because I want to live in your world.

To make matters worse, if someone from that list above is not happy, they will make damn sure you, and everyone else around you, knows about it. Repeatedly.

It’s exhausting. High time to take the kids with me on an exciting alternative vacation, don’t you agree?

So I have a question for you. Do you see anyone missing from the list above? Yes? No? It’s me, I’m missing from that list.

I don’t know if it’s my age, all of the therapy I’ve been through, or my coaching courses (which I will talk about later), but I am at the point in my life where I want to be selfish. want to be happy. I want to enjoy myself. I want to do a job I love.

And I am going to do everything in my power to make it so. Maybe it’s also time for some serious alternative career mapping!

Gotta Roll With The Punches

Wow! Where has the time gone… I was hoping to get a lot accomplished this week, but as always, what my mind wanted, and what I actually did were two completely different things. I hate hate hate myself for not committing to anything this week. Well, the first three days of this week were okay. I did all my research before anything and felt good that I was being ‘productive’ in my alternative job research project; you know, just trying to get my marks up this final week before we’re out for a break. At night, I really enjoy playing the Unicorn Priest Hearthstone game, but that also takes too much of my precious time…

On Thursday and Friday, I went back to my ‘new old ways’ and just did nothing when there was much that could have gotten done. I’m so horrible at work these days. It’s like something took over my body and even when I know I need to do something, I just don’t. Even worse, when I know I didn’t do it, I also don’t really care… What’s wrong with me?!

Thursday, I had a good excuse: band concert! If some of you don’t know, I play trombone in the school band, yeah. Last night I guess is what you could call our “Summer Concert”, which went really well for the most part. Some parents requested that we even make a CD. That would be amazing! But.. moving on. Maybe a career in nursing would be okay for me?

I really enjoyed that. Everything was just great. Anyway, so after the concert, I didn’t get home until about 9 pm, and that when I realized that my folder was left at the school, which meant I was unable to get on with my continuing study for a quiz (I’m sure I failed..) and was also unable to do the math portion. Fortunately, when I checked out class today, NO ONE had done their math work, so I felt somewhat… okay. All is well! Lol. I think I may go for a phlebotomy technician course next, that seems okay.

So my WordPress is being spammed like crazy, and I need to update to the new WordPress anyway. I will be getting rid of all my blogs and trying to validate my XHTML. Wish me luck. So, yeah I shall have a new layout very soon. Ignore the spam, please! I’m not sure as to when everything will be done because my weekend is stuffed with work I didn’t do, and two upcoming projects + reviewing for finals that happen next week! *dies* Just be on the lookout and keep sending your love (comments) my way! I love reading all of them, seriously!