Online branding

Online branding

Online Branding is all about validation. Validation has the most value when it comes to the third party, not a company itself. It’s not just about being findable on the internet; the validation aspect has the most profound impact on the buyer’s decisions.


To manage the complex process of validation managers can choose from many available tools such as testimonials on the company websites, case studies, advertising, organic search engine optimization & PPC (Pay per Click).

The other group of tools such as review blogs, podcasts, product analysis, guest webinars, and trade shows is mostly delivered by a third party.

We will help with managing the validation toolkit. We invite you to get in touch with us.

How we work

We help companies in three ways

  • Consulting Our consultation process reviews and considers the business, marketing, and brand strategy implications and linkages. It includes research and collaboration to give the knowledge to map your market and your positioning, relative to your competitors. Outputs of consulting sessions typically include a defined roadmap for future activities.
  • Creating– Here we creatively and meaningfully implement the roadmap using all validation tools across marketing communications, internal and external. We respect your brand guidelines and marketing communications plans and work within. These ensure your brand identity and marketing messaging are applied consistently and efficiently across all channels and touchpoints. We publish and manage 3 different websites used in the validation process, most likely we will suggest your company presence there.
  • Express– We also provide an ongoing validation process to assure continuity. We offer ongoing consulting – review and evaluation of company efforts, diagnostic services to ensure current validation materials are “on brand” and reflective of the brand’s distinct positioning, and new ideas brainstorming sessions.

About us

We are the consulting agency that helps businesses to drive revenue and reach their business goals by helping them to build strong brands. Our leaders have worked with diverse companies and industries sharing specific expertise which includes: branding, advertising, marketing, web design, graphic design, and social media.