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Blogracy Online

Blogracy focuses on helping customers with strengthening online branding.

Having online branding in place helps you to reach potential customers that may not otherwise discover your brand, products, or services. Expanding the markets helps to grow and improve the overall ROI (Return on Investment) for product development and distribution.

Having a strong personal brand will increase your chances of a better career. 

With the right marketing tools and tactics, your company can make its products and services available to potential consumers in foreign countries and increase your market share.

Blogracy is a strategy-driven online branding agency. We specialize in helping organizations and businesses to create a strong online brand that increases your chances of being chosen as vendor, employer or business partner.

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Online Branding is all about validation. Validation has the most value when it comes from a third party, not from a company itself. It’s not just about being findable on the internet; the validation aspect has the most profound impact on buyers’ decisions.  That’s where we come to play. We assist companies with creating strong validation processes that increase relevance, influence, and value

While having a website is key, there is much more to it. Having a website does not guarantee that your potential audience will find your information and buy from you.

Your foreign language website should consider cultural factors associated with a language and it needs to be optimized for search engines. Apart from that, different countries have different levels of web maturity and users’ online behavior varies widely.

Impact of the Internet on decision-making processes

Internet technologies profoundly changed the way people make decisions. While selling to customers is a separate subject, selling to B2B or looking for talent has many similarities. In both cases, the potential candidate is facing a complex decision-making process.

Every decision-making process is different; however, there are three commonly shared  stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Validation

In each of these stages, people use Internet technology to help them make informed decisions. The most important impact of the Internet on the decision-making process is that people prefer self-service until they are ready to make a commitment.

Buyers go through three stages before they buy. The amount of time taken in each stage varies greatly with the individual and the situation.


The awareness stage is when the individual begins to understand that he/she has a problem that needs a solution. Perhaps their car is starting to need a lot of repairs – I need a new car. Their ice maker is only working some of the time – I need a new refrigerator.

No matter what the problem is, in this stage, the person becomes aware of it and will begin the online research. Getting online is the most convenient way to research today. The awareness stage is largely self-service.


This stage is when the buyer discovers the potential solutions to his/her problem. What products can help solve the problem, where can they be found, what are the benefits of each product, warranties, costs, where to buy and more are all researched. This is basically the research time and most of it is done online. Even with the research done online, the final purchase may be completed offline.

But if your business can’t be found online, it’s a great disadvantage. During the discovery stage, the researcher will probably start to determine what to buy and where to buy.


During this stage, the potential buyers will compare the products, vendors’ benefits, prices. They will also look for social proofs to confirm his decision. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for this process using all available tools for making the process of validation easy. It’s all about Brand Likability, Trust, and Emotional Connection.